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Hardline Khalistani Indian diplomat blocked from visiting UK Gurudwara: Tensions heighten amid tensions between India and Canada

New Delhi : The fallout reached UK shores in a recent incident that signaled rising tensions between India and Canada. Vikram Doraiswamy, the Indian High Commissioner to the UK, was stopped by Khalistani militants as he tried to enter a Gurudwara in Scotland. The incident, which has now been widely shared on social media, shows a Khalistani supporter preventing Doraiswamy from visiting a Gurudwara in Glasgow.


The video allegedly capturing the incident quickly went viral in UK.

It shows two people near the Chief Minister’s car in the Gurudwara parking lot, one trying to open the door of the car. After this scuffle, the High Commissioner’s car left the Gurudwara premises in a hurry.

Hardline Khalistani Indian diplomat blocked from visiting UK Gurudwara: Tensions heighten amid tensions between India and Canada
It may be noted that the Gurudwara Management Committee had invited the Prime Minister of India.

The longer version of the video shows Khalistani militants threatening Gurudwara Management Committee staff. Though the Indian government is yet to respond, considering the seriousness of the situation for the prime minister’s safety, it is reported that a complaint has been formally lodged with the police.


The incident follows Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s recent criticism of Canada for harboring terrorists.

In his speech in the U.S. asserted Jayashankar that Canada had become a safe haven for terrorists and extremists. Events support his point. An audio recording of Arshdeep Dalla, a Khalistani terrorist believed to be in Canada, has been released. In this recording, he is heard collecting money from businessmen in Punjab. While the exact timing of the audio is uncertain, it serves as evidence for the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ claim that Canada is harboring terrorists


The terrorist audio came

It sheds light on the way Khalistani terrorists operate from abroad, especially from Canada, to spread terror in Punjab. From his base in Canada, Arshdeep Padallah is allegedly extorting huge sums of money from prominent people in Punjab, including businessmen, entrepreneurs, musicians and liquor dealers. The threats made in the recordings highlight the gravity of the situation, highlighting the extent to which these extremists are willing to go to promote Khalistan terrorism and entrench their presence in Punjab the den is emphasized.

As tensions rise in the aftermath of interstate conflict, the incident in Britain is a stark reminder of the international reach of these extremist ideas The global community is left to watch out when governance are meeting the challenge of dealing with cross-border terrorism.

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